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Illana Welman, also known as Lani Spice, is a South African book designer specialising in photographic publications. She has guest lectured on her work in self-publishing at The Orms Cape Town School of Photography and the Stellenbosch Academy of Photography and Design. Amongst other projects, Illana’s most well known work is her zine collective in Cape Town, where she sells and promotes local art publications from creatives throughout South Africa. Illana is also a contributor for The Lake Magazine and has been working with them for over 15 issues. She has recently completed an internship with artists Broomberg and Chanarin.

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THE LAKE is a free bi monthly publication. It takes a more in depth look into the minds of individual thinkers and creatives. We want to focus on the people who make South Africa one of the most creative countries in the world today. Our aim is to create popular culture rather than to follow it. Making a platform for the multiple talents and individuality of young and old across the cultural fabric of our diverse society.