Der Greif x Broomberg and Chanarin - Issue 12

Der Greif’s latest issue guest edited by Broomberg and Chanarin.

Entitled "Blame the Algorithm", challenges our way of looking at and perceiving images. It asks if and how we may all be complicit to an ongoing commodification of imagery by using social media. Featuring the work of 85 artists and photographers, as well as excerpts from a four-hour interview with a former Facebook content moderator, conducted by Broomberg & Chanarin.

Whilst recently interning for artists Broomberg and Chanarin, I had the privilege of working on a few more publications:

Bandage the Knife not the Wound Monograph

The future of images

Oliver Chanarin to Adam Broomberg.

This book takes the form of a letter from Chanarin to Broomberg. The phrases that appear in this book are mostly quotes by others; underlined in books, overheard on buses, on TV and in our conversations. They are words that refuse to be forgotten and that have become part of the narrative of their lives.



Coarse is a newspaper zine compiled of various landscapes I had taken between Thailand and South Africa.


Adriaan and Lola

This is a visual dialogue between two photographers. There is no specific theme or concept. The idea has been to intuitively string elements from their bodies of work into a single thread, with an abundance of possible interpretations.

Lola Paprocka and Adriaan Louw are both based in the United Kingdom.


Matt Slater

Matt Slater is a Cape Town-based photographer whose work is involved primarily in traditional darkroom processes. This zine is a collection of some of his earlier work mixed with black and white 35mm and darkroom printing.


Tow Aways

Tow Aways is the first instalment of 3 featuring analog photography by 13 South African creatives. This was launched in collaboration with RVCA ANP South Africa.


Tow Aways: Boys Edition

This male-focused issue is the second instalment of the Tow Aways zine trilogy. The issue features photographers Justin Poulter, Kent Andreasen and Thomas Pepler. Tow Aways is a showcase of analog photography by South African creatives.


Tow Aways: Girls Edition

This female-focused issue is the third instalment of the Tow Aways zine trilogy. The issue features photographers Anke Loots, Caroline Mackintosh and Melissa Williams. Tow Aways is a showcase of analog photography by South African creatives.



A photographic series shot on medium format by Cape Town-based photographer Rudi Geyser.

"This body of work speaks about the fragility of what it is to be a man; The Dance between the expectation of classic male bravado, and the liberated freedom of a post-modern masculinity." -RG


Backchat Boys: Volume 2

“The sequel contains six contributors with very different outlooks on life in Asia. With a passion for 35mm film, each photographer portrays another layer of the Asian world they have found themselves in.”

Artists featured are Gideon de Kock, Duran Levinson, Dustin Holmes, Jimi Tsang, Abdela Igmirien and Carl David Jones.

Cover by Dustin Holmes.